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( to my twisted mind :) )
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☆female (she/her)☆
☆eng (currently learning jp)☆
☆artist, writer, aspiring animator☆
☆a few of the the things i like include rhythm games, anime, visual novels, and movies☆
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Fall comes again.
The air grows colder.
Leaves detach from the trees and scatter onto the ground.
Your friends meet up once again.
But there's something that separates you from them.
Something that separates this fall from all the others you have experienced.
Something that makes the atmosphere colder, somehow.
...It's a dream.

weeb stuff i like

sailor moon, serial experiments lain, higurashi, revolutionary girl utena, cardcaptor sakura, martian successor nadesico, neon genesis evangelion, perfect blue, paprika, kyoukai no kanata, beastars, fate/ubw, gakkou gurashi!, ghost stories, key the metal idol, lucky star
☆currently watching☆
sailor moon stars, cardcaptor sakura
moon child, sailor moon, cardcaptor sakura, revenge classroom, screaming lessons, school mermaid, funouhan, tsukihime, shin'ai naru boku e satsui wo komete, uzumaki, seishun soukanzu, chi no wadachi
☆currently reading☆
shin'ai naru boku e satsui wo komete, chi no wadachi, tsukihime (reread!)


j-pop, alt, indie, eurobeat
muse, art by numbers, coldplay, 1975, passion pit, pizzicato five, joe hawley, luna sea, kotoko, eiko shimamiya, mell, the rest of I'VE, globe, kohmi hirose


double cast, cross†channel, chaos;child, higurashi no naku koro ni, muv-luv trilogy, ciconia, etc.
double cast, kyojintachi, ciconia, seishin hakai
ddr(extreme/supernova/x2/A20), stepmania,
pop'n music (lapistoria/portable/portable 2), pump it up (nx/nx absolute/XX), beat gather, o2jam
the world ends with you, smash bros.(3ds/wiiu/brawl), portal 2, marvel vs. capcom 2/3, darkstalkers, deltarune, mario kart, hello charlotte, melty blood, twisted wonderland, animal crossing: new horizons, touhou